What’s Immersive Systems all about?

Robots and robotics are well known as highly entertaining and educational to masses of people, kids and adults alike.

The problem today is if you want to engage with others in robot play, you are limited to infrequent and expensive tournaments, or highly limited opportunities with local friends.

My vision to solve this problem (and change the world :-) ) is to provide compelling but inexpensive robot games over the internet to everyone everywhere, anytime, just as easy as it is to log into WoW and play challenging games with friends local and remote, many of whom you will likely never meet in person.

The educational aspect of robot games can be fantastic, covering all areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). Really, what more can you ask for? This covers almost everything great in life, except maybe love. OK, food too. Alright, nature too. Well, it’s still pretty fantastic!

We have all sorts of great ideas for competitive and collaborative robot games where the robots and their environments are real and fantastic and the virtual world comes into play also.