First post – An intro to Immersive Systems

Immersive Systems is being formed to bring together robots and people who want to play with robots.

Robots are poised to become a much bigger part of everyday life. In most cases today they work behind the scenes out of the public eye, such as in factories, warehouses, research labs, and the military. In some cases simple autonomous robots are part of our home lives as educational robots or toys, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, pool and gutter cleaners and lawn mowers.  Robots are about to have a much bigger impact in agriculture, enterprises and in more versatile roles in manufacturing working in close proximity with people.  All told there are many, many millions of robots in active use today, but we expect their numbers and uses to mushroom in the coming decades. Looking at what robotics research labs in academia and industry are working on today it’s easy to extrapolate amazing uses for robots.

For the robotics hobbyist and educational markets, capabilities are mounting, prices are
dropping, and there is a rich and growing set of options for all kinds of fun robots to explore and play with. Young people today perceive the possibilities with robots and are naturally drawn to learn about them – evidenced by all the robot competitions worldwide with 100s of thousands of participants. Many educators and politicians see robots as a key discipline in young people’s education to learn the core STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and math. One aspect we believe holding this whole field back is the expense
and difficulty today to play robot games with others, which is a lot more fun than playing with a robot just by yourself – as all those tournaments and competitions attest too. We
plan on improving this situation. Stay tuned for more.